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Select "steam whistle" as an industrial unit in 1390

company manufacturing & laquo; steam whistle & raquo; For the fifth time the country was known as an industrial unit.

& nbsp; Industry and Mine Day (10 July) of 69 selected industrial and mining was appreciated. Company & laquo; steam whistle & raquo; An industrial unit in the auto industry and the driving force, tennis and mining industry receives special day.

& nbsp; conference commemorating the day of Mining and Technology Minister of Industry, Mine and business executives and entrepreneurs, industry and mining, in the auditorium of Christ Tehran International Exhibition was held.

& nbsp; & laquo; SMC & raquo; In the 1383 , 1385 , 1388 and 1389 as the top unit and industrialized countries in the 1389 As a veteran of the sample selected.

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